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Environment and Energy


Looking for ways to get various environmental messages across to your building or Department? Download any of our posters and resources on this page to help spread the message and raise awareness. University of Cambridge staff and students can contact us for hardcopies. Feel free to let use know if you have any ideas for new designs or issues that you would like to see available too!

Don't forget we also have a series of guidance documents and templates which you may find useful.

On this page:


We have created posters to help encourage students and staff to take part in the Cambridge Green Challenge. You can request all of these posters from us in A4 or several in A3, or you can print the A4 version from these PDFs:

 Give it a break

What do you do at night?

You have the power

Challenging you

Switch on to Switching Off

Awkward Silences

*NEW* Spotlight on Energy

Green Labs

5 ways to safeguard samples

Cut energy not research

Shut the Sash

Shut the Sash – challenging you!

Waste and Recycling

What goes into Recycling bins?

What goes into General Waste bins?
What goes into Food Waste bins? What goes into Glass Recycling bins?
Pictorial bin label - Mixed recycling Pictorial bin label - General waste
Pictorial bin label - Food Waste & compostable packaging (note: only for sites using 'Vegware' compostable packaging) Food waste posterPictorial bin label - Food Waste
Pictorial bin label - Glass waste Waste facts
Reconsider your refuse - top tips (for sites using Vegware) Reconsider your refuse - top tips
Recycling: Reduce, re-use, recycle
Recycling: large recycling sign
Waste: large landfill sign (N.B. now obsolete in University buildings)

Reduce Paper Use
WARPit poster (three versions)



Recycling: large sign (for departments embedded in Addenbrookes Hospital)


 Bin labels for departments embedded within Cambridge University Hospital

 Recycling rate poster


Get fitter with Cyclescheme

Cycle security poster

Be Safe Be Seen - cycle safety poster

Liftshare Poster 1 - Life's more fun when you share Liftshare Poster 2 - Life's brighter when you share
Liftshare Poster 3 - Life's cheaper when you share Liftshare Poster 4 - Conkers
Liftshare Poster 5 - Horse Liftshare Poster 6 - Seesaw
Liftshare Poster 7 - lift your finances  

Other posters

*NEW* Join our Green Impact team! (portrait and landscape versions)

*NEW* Play your part in the Cambridge Green Challenge

We can achieve great things together - facts and figures poster "We're taking part in Green Impact Labs"

Green Impact Poster Template

Staff and student induction poster

University of Cambridge KeepCups poster

Challenging you to reduce water Weekly green thoughts (from the Department of Plant Sciences) - part 1
Weekly green thoughts (from the Department of Plant Sciences) - part 2 Weekly green thoughts (from the Department of Plant Sciences) - part 3 

Travel leaflets and maps




Travel: Car sharing flyer with FAQs



Travel for Cambridgeshire discounts

Site travel guide - Cambridge Biomedical Campus 

Site travel guide - Downing and New Museum site

Site travel guide - Old Addenbrooke's site and Old Press/ Mill Lane

Site travel guide - Sidgwick site and University Library

Site travel guide - Madingley Rise

Site travel guide - West Cambridge site

Email footers

As well as posters, one great way to spread environmental messages is through email footers or clickable web banners. The Environment and Energy Section has a range of footers that University staff and students are welcome to use. They can be found in this document. Pick your favourite and simply follow these steps to apply it to your email signature (if you use Outlook, otherwise the instructions may vary).

1) Go to file on your Outlook window and click on “options”. Your signature can be found under the “mail” tab. 
2) Copy the image from the document above by highlight the image and selecting "copy".
3) Paste the image into your email. signature.
4) If you want to add a link to the footer, you can then select the pasted image, click on the 'hyperlink' button and paste in the web link you want to use.
5) Click done, and open a new email to check the footer displays correctly.


The Environment and Energy Section has a range of stickers for departments to use to promote the Switch Off message!

Stickers are available to order from the E&E. When requesting stickers please state which stickers you would like and an approximation of quantity. Stickers will be sent to you via UMS service.

Help to remove the barrier of lack of clarity over what can and cannot be switched off. Label key plugs with one of our clear-cut messages to help equipment users to understand their responsibilities.

Stickers available to request: (landscape and portrait available)

Fume cupboard - long strip Fume cupboard - long strip

Email to Request stickers from E&E


Are you always arguing about temperature in your office? Send us an email to request one of our thermometers that indicates suggested temperature ranges.

Remember: always try to dress for the weather (don’t expect your building to be ice cold in the summer or tropical in the winter). If your office or building has an over-heating or over-cooling issue that cannot be resolved internally, please report the matter to the Maintenance Helpdesk (ext. 37784).