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Looking for ways to get various environmental messages across to your building or Department? Download any of our posters and resources on this page to help spread the message and raise awareness. Feel free to let use know if you have any ideas for new designs or issues that you would like to see available too!

Don't forget we also have a series of guidance documents and templates which you may find useful.


You are welcome to download and print the A4 version from these PDFs:

Green Labs

Waste and Recycling

The University's waste contract is due to be retendered, which may impact on relevance of posters in the near future.


Other posters

Travel maps

Email footers

As well as posters, one great way to spread environmental messages is through email footers or clickable web banners. The Sustainability Team has a range of footers that University staff and students are welcome to use. Pick your favourite and simply follow these steps to apply it to your email signature (if you use Outlook, otherwise the instructions may vary).

1) Go to file on your Outlook window and click on “options”. Your signature can be found under the “mail” tab. 
2) Copy the image from the document above by highlight the image and selecting "copy".
3) Paste the image into your email. signature.
4) If you want to add a link to the footer, you can then select the pasted image, click on the 'hyperlink' button and paste in the web link you want to use.
5) Click done, and open a new email to check the footer displays correctly.


The Sustainability Team has a range of stickers for departments to use to promote the Switch Off message! A limited stock of stickers are available to order from the team, or we can provide you with the sticker templates to print these yourself using commonly-available sticker formats - email us for more details. 

The stickers are designed to help remove the barrier of a lack of clarity over what can and cannot be switched off. We suggest labelling key switches and plugs with one of our clear-cut messages to help equipment users to understand their responsibilities.

Stickers available to request: (landscape and portrait available)

  • Switch off after use
  • You can switch me off
  • Switch off when leaving (3 versions)
  • Ask XXX before switching off
  • Never switch me off 
  • Shut the sash
  • Please report leaking taps
  • Fume cupboard - long strip

Email to Request stickers from the Sustainability Team.


Are you always arguing about temperature in your office? Send us an email to request one of our thermometers that indicates suggested temperature ranges (subject to availability).

Remember: always try to dress for the weather (don’t expect your building to be ice cold in the summer or tropical in the winter). If your office or building has an over-heating or over-cooling issue that cannot be resolved internally, please report the matter to the Maintenance Helpdesk (ext. 37784).