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Strategy Timeline Rationale

The Sustainability Team recognises the complexity and diversity of the stakeholder environment within the University and is keen to consult and draw on this as much as possible to inform development of the new Strategy. With this in mind, we have designed a phased process for developing the Strategy that involves consulting widely on a draft proposal, before refining the strategy in the light of this consultation.  This is broken down into four key phases (Figure 1 above):

  • Phase 1: An initial gathering of ideas from key stakeholders across the University via a process of engagement over Michaelmas term. This will include workshops and focus groups; presentations to Schools, departments and key Committees; 1-1 interviews and via feedback on the Green Paper.

  • Phase 2: Compilation of a proposed Sustainability Strategy, reflecting the key themes and level of ambition identified through Phase 1, and seeking approval of the proposed Strategy by University Council for formal consultation.  

  • Phase 3: University-wide consultation, as well as further engagement with key external stakeholders, will guide amendment and further development of the Strategy.

  • Phase 4: Finalisation of the Strategy, followed by seeking approval from relevant Committees, General Board and University Council. 

Following approval by the University’s government process, the new Sustainability Strategy will be published in Michaelmas term 2023. The proposed timeline and dates may change as we undertake the process. 

Click to see the full proposed strategy timeline 

Please email with any questions.