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Voluntary projects are carried out by students outside of their course or academic studies. Projects can be carried out by individuals or groups. They may be extensions or developments of activities already happening, or be completely new and innovative ideas.

Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss how the Living Lab can help your project ( - we can provide data, contacts, information and funding*, or simply be a sounding board and give advice. We can also help to roll out or scale up the project, where relevant.

Take a look at previous examples; these have included thermal imaging, waste audits, energy surveys and food growing, to name a few.  

If you would like to carry out, lead or suggest a voluntary project please contact

Note that if you have a great idea specifically around reducing energy use within the University (whether through behaviour change, technology or something else), take part in our competition, the Cambridge Carbon Challenge

*If you would like to apply for funding, please email the Living Lab.