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cambridge carbon challenge gamifying decarbonisation living lab cambridge zero

Are you a problem solver who thrives on challenge? Do you care about the environment? Do you want to take action on climate change? The Cambridge Carbon Challenge is an initiative for student and staff teams to develop and present their ideas for cutting carbon emissions using gamifying approaches.

For this year’s carbon challenge, the University of Cambridge’s Living Lab for Sustainability has teamed up with Cambridge Zero to identify ways to gamify decarbonisation. Gamifying uses typical elements of game playing (like point scoring, competition with others, and rules of play) or underlying concepts drawn from game theory to incentivise action.

Entries could involve anything from the deeply practical, for example, an add-on to a banking app that calculates carbon emissions based on spend and compares it to a local average, through to much more creative ideas like a pokemon go inspired game to encourage waste reduction, an app dragon emerging every time waste goes into the wrong bin! Solutions can be tech based but don’t have to be, it could be a brilliant system for generating competition between neighbours to limit their household waste or even policy solutions inspired by behavioural nudges.

We are looking for teams to develop innovative ideas that can be applied in the real world. The types of projects that could be run in Cambridge initially and then scaled up nationally or internationally.

Read the Carbon Challenge Brief here

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