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Can you believe that the energy bill for the University of Cambridge reaches 16 million pounds every year?

How much of this energy do you think could be saved if we each paid a bit more attention to our daily energy guzzling habits?

What if Jamal doesn’t study every day in his shorts with his heater on full blast and puts a jumper on instead?

And what if Lucy takes a few minutes at the end of each day to make sure that everything in her office is switched off before going home?

Philosophy lecturer Alice loves nothing more than rounding off her day with some social media networking, but instead of letting her laptop drift off to sleep mode, what if Alice shuts it down and unplugs it every evening?

Keith the plumber works all over the University. What if he makes sure that while he’s working he switches off any lights that he doesn’t need?

As a scientist, Paul is surrounded by different pieces of equipment whenever he is working, but surely you are not using these all at the same time Paul? Well then, switch off. Ok, I suppose we’ll let you off if it is a necessary piece of kit.

If each one of us plays our part by switching off when we can up to 10% of energy usage could be saved! Making a positive environmental impact as well as a huge cost saving.

So the big question is, how can you switch on to switching off?