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Now we have launched our Green Impact programme for 2022/2023, you may be wondering about the option to complete an Excellence project. 

Instead of the standard workbook actions, teams can complete a seven-month project focusing on a single topic.

Any departmental or College teams who have achieved Silver for one year or more are eligible to take part in Excellence.

The four project planning/reporting stages outlined in the Excellence tab must be completed by the deadlines set. These are:

You must also notify when you have completed each stage. Please note that these deadlines differ from the usual Green Impact year.

This option may be best suited to teams who:

  • are at limited capacity 
  • have already identified key areas for improvement in previous Green Impact years;
  • work well with a single-topic focus

Full details can be found in our 

The Sustainability Team are also on hand to help you refine your project ideas. Please email to set up a meeting to discuss your project. The Excellence framework gives teams the opportunity to work creatively on bigger-picture sustainability initiatives in partnership with other staff, students and in some cases, the wider community. It is a great chance for you and your team to do one project ‘in-depth’ and contribute something bigger to the organisation.

For ideas on topic and scope, you can read about the 2021/2022 Excellence award-winners online:

Girton Sensory Garden

MRC Epidemiology ULT Freezer Centralisation

Jesus College Recycling Centralisation Programme

Projects are assessed in these categories:

  • A) Showing a level of impact, ideally based on measurable metrics and KPIs. 
  • B) Involving stakeholders in the project, ideally including a range of people within and/or outside of the department or institution.    
  • C) Demonstrating innovation, with the project ideally tackling an area not covered by actions in the Green Impact Bronze-Gold workbook, or exploring existing topics in greater depth.    
  • D) Generating lessons learnt and new good practices that can be shared with other teams.

The are judged by a subject expert in the Sustainability Team following this criteria for each category:

  • 0 - does not meet criteria
  • 1 - Marginal
  • 2 - Meets expectations
  • 3 - Exceeds expectations

Teams are required to score 10/12 in order to be awarded an Excellence project. 

Excellence deadlines 

11th November 2022 

Submit project title 

9th December 2022 

Upload a project plan 

24th February 2023 

Complete a project update 

 5th May 2023

Submit a project report