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Earn 10 extra Green Impact points!

This Green Impact year we are offering teams the chance to take part in a voluntary mid-year audit on the afternoon of Wednesday February 15th. This audit could be of particular use to new teams who would like more guidance in pursuit of submitting their workbook or just teams who would like an idea of where to direct their efforts.

How it will take place

This audit will be different to our end of year audit in that the student(s) who undertake it will be auditing their own Green Impact team. The training they will receive from SOS-UK will still be IEMA certified, but will be a modified version of the training to suit the mid-year timing. The intended outcomes from the training and audit will be to identify gaps and opportunities to maximise points scores within their team's workbook. Teams that take part will also earn 10 points towards their Green Impact award. The audit is also voluntary. 

How to sign up

Students can sign up to audit their team's workbook using this link (open until February 14th). After sign up, SOS-UK will share the team's link to the online training sessions, after which students may choose to audit their team's workbook online or in person, depending on their preference. 

If you have any questions, please email

Good luck!