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When it comes to reducing your lab's carbon footprint, it's tricky to know where to start. What is it most worthwhile to try and change? Is it safe? Do you have the authority? These are all questions that can stop you before you even start.

Green Labs offers a couple of frameworks to choose from, which provide clear pathways for helping you to take action, confident that you are making your lab more sustainable. Your lab can beaccredited for demonstrating progress:

LEAF - Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework

A new framework developed by UCL created to help you identify the footprint of your lab and the most worthwhile actions to take to improve things. University of Cambridge has a licence to use it.

For more information see here

To access the tool, contact Green Labs.

Green Impact Labs

A separate workbook to the regular Green Impact workbooks with actions tailored to lab environments. Suited to those already familiar with Green Impact.

Please refer to the Green Impact webpages.

Example actions include:

  • Producing an effective and up-to-date lab work induction
  • Having a daily lab switch-off procedure in effect
  • Disposing of or replacing redundant or inefficient old equipment
  • Evidence of clear waste segregation and use fo takeback schemes