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Environment and Energy


You can gain accreditation for your lab through the Green Labs programme by taking part in Green Impact and completing the Labs award criteria. By completing a series of actions under the Green Impact Labs workbook you can be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. The workbook is based largely on the S-Lab framework, with some adjustments to make it more specific to the University of Cambridge.

Examples of the types of actions, and associated points for each, which you could complete are given below. The number of points obtained will determine the level of the award received. 


"L052 - Waste & Recycling (6 points)
The laboratory has a system in place to minimise ‘hoarding’ of unused equipment with no clear future application, and has communicated this to their users within the last 6 months. 
L056 - Water (6 points)
Water for cooling is recirculated rather than running continuously to waste. 
L063 - Training and Awareness (6 points)
All lab staff are aware of the University's 'Zero To Drains' policy and of the requirements of their department or building's Trade Effluent Consent, if applicable."


Visit to sign up and find out more about the workbook, or contact for further details.