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What is Green Impact?

Green Impact is the University's environmental accreditation scheme. It supports and encourages departments and colleges across the University in reducing their environmental impacts.

With support from the Environment and Energy Section, departments can form a small team, who sign up to an online workbook and progress through simple, clear and easy criteria towards recognised awards and targets.

The scheme is great for those people who want to make a difference but are not sure how, but also provides recognition and support for those who are already working to improve the environmental performance of their place of work or study at the University. The Environment & Energy team are there to provide support by email or phone, as well as support workshops throughout the Green Impact 'year'.

Still not sure what Green Impact is all about? The video below shows some highlights from our 2018 awards ceremony, and showcases one of the Green Impact Platinum award-winning departments from the University...

Getting Started

If you've never been involved before, why not read the simple guide to Green Impact? For those who've been involved before, read about what's changed this year. You can also watch our 'going for a Bronze award' webinar, available on our guidance page.

Not sure if your department, building, institute or College is taking part? Why not view previous winners of the awards, via the links to the left, or email us to find out.

Ready to get started? You can create a new team, or join an existing one, by logging into the online workbook:

Log into the Cambridge Green Impact online workbook here (note: new users will need a 'Registration Code' which is 71)

How do I win an award?

Departmental awards

University staff and students can get together with their department, institution, or even building or laboratory to work towards the first level of Green Impact award, the Bronze award. The criteria are tailored specifically to the Cambridge University context, and have been refined thanks to feedback from participants. After achieving a Bronze award, there are progressively more challening Silver, Gold and Platinum awards.

Labs awards

Departments with labs can choose to take part in a standalone 'Labs' part of the workbook, tailored specifically to staff working in Laboratories. These also allow for awards from Bronze through to Platinum to be won.

College awards

A workbook designed specifically for Colleges is also available, giving Colleges the chance to obtain Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards for their work to engage staff and students and address environmental issues across their operations.


While students are welcome to join Green Impact teams in their department or College, Green Impact also provides other ways to get involved. Click here for more details.

Why get involved in Green Impact?

Participants in Green Impact consistently feed back that the scheme presents a fun and engaging way to make meaningful environmental and sustainability change. However don't believe us - watch this video to hear what participants had to say about the University of Cambridge's first year of Green Impact!

A number of our teams keep coming back to take part in Green Impact! What was it that participants of last year’s Green Impact said was the best bit about taking part?

“Raising awareness while having fun and building team spirit!”

“Realising monetary savings in our energy usage.”

“Making people aware and realising what impact they can have.”

“Improving the department!”

“Listening to people’s ideas and coming up with simple solutions.”

“Bringing the department together.”

“Seeing the difference we made!”