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On this page we highlight some of the ways that staff at the University can get involved.

Join your colleagues to make a change

Green Impact is the University's environmental accreditation scheme. Over 40 departments and colleges across the University have signed up to Green Impact to improve the environmental performance of their workplace. 

With support from the Sustainability Team, you can get together with your colleagues to form a small team. You'll sign up to an online workbook and progress through simple, clear and easy criteria, each of which makes a tangible contribution to tackling environmental and sustainability issues. At the end of each year we recognise those who have made a change, while there's also lots of opportunity to get involved in fun events, share best practices, and meet with other Green Impact teams around the University.

Read more about Green Impact here.

Be the champion in your department

Sustainability Champions (SCs) are a network of staff volunteers who provide a local focus point for environmental and energy issues.

They encourage their colleagues to make small changes to everyday work practices that collectively make a big difference across the University. By joining the network you'll be given training and support, regular updates and advice, as well as a chance to share ideas and best practices with others in the network. 

Read more about how to become an SC here.

Make a positive change in your lab

Scientific research typically uses more energy and resources than any other activity in the University.

Reducing the environmental impact of lab work, without compromising research, is a difficult ask. However staff across the University are coming together to tackle this issue. With advice, support and funding available, the Green Labs initiative is a great option for staff in labs who want to reduce the environmental impact of their work.

Read more about Green Labs here.

Stay up-to-date

There's lots happening on environmental sustainability at the University of Cambridge. You can stay up to date with our newsletters.

Sign up to our monthly Greenlines newsletter, which contains all the latest news, updates and events on environmental sustainability at the University of Cambridge.