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Environment and Energy


Looking ahead

We regularly run 'Spotlight On' months, with events, articles and news focusing on a particular topic, where we encourage staff and students to get involved in tackling particular environmental and sustainability issues in their places of work and study. Upcoming 'spotlight on' months are detailed on this page.

What to expect from 'Spotlight on' months

During 'spotlight on' months, we'll shift the focus to one key topic throughout one intensive period packed with information, advice and support. In our Greenlines newsletter, we'll have information and articles on the 'spotlight on' theme. We'll also encourage Environment & Energy Coordinators and Green Impact teams to get involved by running their own events, and will send out ideas and tips on doing this via a 'bi-weekly digest'. We also produce posters and guidance on each topic, which can additionally be found through our dedicated 'spotlight on' web pages. Each of these contain a host of tips, ideas and further resources aimed at tackling these important issues:  

What events and Spotlight on Months are happening in 2017-18?

The spotlight on months this academic year are as follows:

Other events to keep an eye out for:

  • 24 March - Earth Hour
  • 22 April - Earth Day
  • 31 March - Clocks change - get on your bike!
  • 1 May - Repair Cafe
  • 5 June - World Environment Day
  • 14 December - Thermal Thursday
  • 22 December - Switch off for the holidays

Do you have an idea for an event? Get in touch to make a suggestion!

Past 'Spotlight on' months

The links below give you an idea of activities and events that took place in previous 'Spotlight On' months. Each one contains lots of resources and ideas you may find useful for future events!