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Internship: Travel planning for departments | Status: Completed | Date: August 2015 

Person: Elsa Durieux | Subject: Land Economy | Supervisor: Amanda Holden

Project summary: This report analyses departmental measures to promote sustainable travel behaviour and summarises the travel planning arrangements set up by departments in the University of Cambridge.

Key findings: The audits showed that the departments which were included in the study are generally aware of the transport issues faced by their employees, and are very willing to encourage sustainable travel. Car parking facilities seem to be the main factor driving the choice to commute by car or not. The project found there are large differences across buildings in terms of existing infrastructure to enable sustainable travel and therefore implementation of measures will have different effects in different departments.

Recommendations: The Travel Plan Manager should share details with departments about what has been done in similar departments, to make context-specific improvements.

The University should develop and enhance the available services/light infrastructure – sign up to Zipcar, establish a cycle pooling scheme, provide cycle training, implement a flexible working hours policy, put in orders for supplies together, provide equipment to borrow e.g. raincoats, umbrellas, cycle lights, apply for Travel for Cambridgeshire grant to improve/replace low-quality cycle racks. It should also make provision for showers, changing facilities and secure cycle parking to support individual departments’ needs.

How has it been used? The report has been sent to all departments who took part to share the recommendations, and the results of the report are informing future work on enhancing sustainable travel options at the University.