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Voluntary Project: Thermal analysis of the Institute of Criminology building | Status: Completed | Date:  June 2013

Person: Ibrahim Yate (through the Cambridge University Environmental Consulting Society) | Subject: Engineering | Project summary: To investigate heat loss from the roof in the Criminology building.

Key findings: The flat roof of the building was found to have serious problems with quite large puddles of standing water which were unable to drain away. It was suspected that the underlying structure has collapsed and needed repair.  Thermal images suggested that water has also penetrated under other parts of the roof surface.

The overall energy use of the building is in the normal range for this age of building but is still high by current standards. More work is needed to investigate the high levels of electricity usage.

Recommendations: The project recommended that repairs be made to the roof, that further investigation of electricity use are undertaken, that lighting in the building be investigated so that redundant and high-energy fittings can be removed, and that measures be taken to enhance the efficiency of boilers and air conditioners.

How has it been used? Work has been carried out on the roof of the Institute of Criminology building.