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Academic project: Energy performance analysis of the Sainsbury Laboratory | Status: Completed | Date: 2013/14

Person: Si Min Lee | Subject: Engineering, MEng | Supervisor: Professor Peter Guthrie

Project summary: Post-Occupancy Evaluation for the Sainsbury Laboratory to explore the reasons for the performance gap that exists in electricity and gas consumption between the as-designed and as-built laboratory.

Key findings: Gas consumption was found to be nearly 3 times as much as predicted and electricity was 30% more than predicted. Most electricity was consumed in plug loads, and people were working longer hours than expected and at weekends. The solar cells were providing 5% of the building’s energy use instead of the 10% required by the Merton Rule.

Recommendations: Install more sub-meters for monitoring gas usage; review dehumidification process; reposition some light sensors; programme computers to shut off after a given time; update and monitor energy efficiency.

How has it been used? Changes to the Building Energy Management System have been implemented. Since June 2015, there has been around a 30% reduction in the amount of energy (mainly gas) used compared to previous years where this work has been implemented, equivalent to £6000 savings.

“It was useful to have all the data pulled together and presented in an accessible format. It has helped me win support for energy saving initiatives at the lab.” – Stephen Andrews, Facilities Manager, Sainsbury Laboratory