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Academic project: Renewable energy on the University Estate | Status: Completed | Date: 2013/14

Person: Bryn Pickering, Robinson College | Subject: Engineering, MEng | Supervisor: Professor Peter Guthrie

Project summary: Analysis of the effectiveness and contribution of renewable energy sources situated on the University Estate to its carbon reduction target.

Key findings: The four renewable installations investigated (out of 13 across the estate) total an offset of less than 1% of the University's total emissions.

Recommendations: Use several renewable sources per building for maximising renewable generation; improve monitoring and maintenance of our ground source heat pumps; track installations are performing as designed; and increase awareness of the current installations by staff and students.

How has it been used? The results have been used by the Environment and Energy Section to communicate more widely about what renewable energy exists across the Estate. The research confirmed work going on within Estate Management to fix the ground source heat pumps that were not functioning properly.

"The project gave me experience of formulating a plan for a problem involving several stakeholders, and communicating with them. It also helped me understand better the operational workings of the University." - Bryn Pickering