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Internship: Cycle parking guidance for University Travel Plan

Status: Completed | Date:  December 2015

Person: Gergely Horvath | Subject: Land Economy | Supervisor: Amanda Holden

Project summary: Creation of cycle parking guidance for the University, to be part of the University Travel Plan.

Key findings: The project report outlines the necessary legal, environmental and practical considerations for cycle parking. It is heavily based upon and supported by the University’s 2015 Transport Survey. It provides creative and innovative solutions, taking into consideration the specific needs of staff and students. The guidance document tries to introduce new concepts to the University parking system, while promoting a more integrated outlook for all of our cycle storage facilities.

Read the full summary here.

Recommendations: The report recommends a more generalised approach in terms of methods and designs of cycle parking, and develops a standard by which the numbers for necessary parking spaces can be easily calculated.