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Voluntary project: Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum 2016

Status: Completed | Date: March 2016

Person: Cambridge Climate Forum Executive Committee (made up of 10 students) | Subject: N/A | Supervisor: N/A

Project summary: The Cambridge Climate & Sustainability Forum (CCSF) aims to raise awareness among students of pressing environmental issues around the world today, and what is being done to address them. The conference provides a platform for discussion and debate of critical issues and trends evolving around the topics of climate change and sustainability with leading professionals working in these areas.

Further details on the Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum website.

Key findings: The event brought together around 100 attendees, and feedback from those who responded was very positive (92% said they would recommend the conference to a friend).

How has it been used? A number of attendees indicated in their feedback that they are committed to making further changes to their lifestyle or will seek to influence further changes in their College and the University.