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Academic project: The role of building occupant behaviour in contributing to carbon emissions reductions in the University of Cambridge by 2020 | Status: Completed | Date: 2013

Person: Efstratios Gavotsis, Fitzwilliam College | Subject: Environmental Design in Architecture, MPhil | Supervisor: Professor Koen Steemers

Project summary: Examination of energy and carbon reductions achieved through technical interventions compared to building occupant interventions, using the University as a case study.

Key findings: Reductions in energy use between 5 and 20 percent are possible through encouraging behaviour change amongst building occupants.

How has it been used? It reiterates the importance of occupant behaviour in reducing energy use within buildings, and therefore the need for occupant engagement in sustainability. It has helped foster more efforts to support Environment and Energy Coordinators within departments to encourage their fellow building users to reduce their energy consumption.