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Internship: Assessing plug-in laboratory equipment in the University of Cambridge | Status: Completed | Date: September 2015

Person: Laura Briggs | Subject: MSci Natural Sciences | Supervisor: Sally Pidgeon

Project summary: This project investigated how to best manage the plug-in equipment in the University’s laboratories, in order to minimise the energy consumption within them.

Key findings: A high-level estimate of the energy consumption of this equipment was calculated, as well as which items in laboratories are using the most energy. Examples of best practice in the management of lab equipment in Cambridge and further afield were identified – these case studies were used as a basis for recommendations to improve lab equipment management.

Read the full summary here.

How has it been used? The work has informed which freezers to buy for the freezer replacement programme. The work has also been used to inform the review of the University’s Carbon Management Plan.