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Environment and Energy


Get involved in Green Impact to gain and develop project management, teamwork and auditing skills! Benefit your CV as well as your University.

Green Impact is a scheme developed by the National Union of Students bringing staff and students together to enable and showcase positive changes in environmental practice. The scheme audits and awards departments and colleges based on their sustainability performance, and encourages direct action in the workplace.

Students at the University of Cambridge are encouraged to get involved in Green Impact. There are two ways to get involved:

Green Impact Project Assistants (GIPAs).

This is a student who works with a department or college throughout the year to help them achieve their Green Impact award. Training for GIPAs is taking place on the evening of October 12th. This one-off session aims to give students an introduction to the Green Impact scheme and how it works, how to generate positive environmental change in an organisation, and how to complete sustainability-related actions. Many of our previous GIPAs went on to be heavily involved in, and even set up entirely new, Green Impact teams! You can read up on what a few of the GIPAs did last year, or have a look at the GIPA role description

Take part in our GIPA training session

If you're interested in taking part in this year's GIPA programme, simply click on the link below!

Green Impact Auditors

The departments and colleges which take part in Green Impact are all audited by a team of students at the end of the year to verify what they have done and confirm their award. As a Green Impact auditor, we offer you a half day’s training session followed by half a day of practical auditing experience as you visit departments to find out about and confirm their sustainability achievements. A Green Impact Auditor role description is available giving full details on what the role involves. The training and auditing sessions for the 2016-17 academic year has now taken place. There are a limited number of auditing roles for the Green Impact scheme at the local NHS Trust in October 2017, otherwise stay tuned for details of the Green Impact auditing taking place in early May 2018. Contact to register your interest.

"The auditing has been a great way for me to gain both training and practical environmental auditing experience.  Also I got to visit parts of the University that I may never otherwise see!" - Green Impact auditor 2017