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Environment and Energy


WEEE Collection Request

University of Cambridge departments can request a free collection of e-waste (WEEE) using the forms below. Destruction of confidential electronic data and disposal of WEEE waste is handled by our certified contractor, according to the appropriate compliance standards and guidelines. For further information about what happens to your electronic waste, please visit the Computer Disposals Limited (CDL) website

Apply for a collection

Before completing your WEEE collection request form, have you considered sharing any working items on WARPit, our free online tool for swapping items between departments? Or if it's usable but can't be redistributed internally, have you considered using UniGreenScheme.

If the equipment has been exposed internally or externally to any hazardous materials (for instance biological or chemical substances), please see the decontamination form below, and submit a copy with your collection request:

For a list of wastes which can be collected through the e-waste collection service, click here.