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Q. Are the Guidelines compulsory?

No. The Guidelines are currently a set of expectations rather than mandatory rules, though this is expected to change in future. 

Q. What is considered ‘essential’ travel? 

The Guidelines encourage staff and students to consider this for themselves, but provide guidance on identifying essential and nonessential trips.

Q. What is Key Travel, and why should I use them?

Key Travel is the University's preferred travel provider. It is also referred to as the University’s Travel Management Company. Staff and students are encouraged to book via Key Travel because they collect and provide more comprehensive and accurate carbon emissions data compared to other booking methods. We need more staff and students to use Key Travel rather than booking independently, so that we can deepen our understanding of our travel emissions and improve the effectiveness of our emissions reporting and reduction initiatives. Read here for more information on booking with Key Travel. 

Q. I have a suggestion or an unanswered question. Who do I contact?

For further suggestions and questions, contact The Sustainability Team is engaging with stakeholders across the University to publicise the Guidelines and help departments apply them in practice; if you would like to be a part of this, please express your interest at the above email address. For questions about the bookings process and the University’s preferred travel provider (currently Key Travel), contact