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Access to information about the amount of energy being used in specific buildings is vital to allow the University to launch targeted carbon reduction activities, as well as for building users to see the impact that their actions are having on energy use. This information is now available online to help departments understand their energy use and so take effective action to reduce it.

View your departments energy use with Systems Link web reports

Systems Link energy management software is used by the University to collect electricity, gas and water consumption data from invoices, as well as direct meter and network readings. The software displays current usage, stores historical data and enables verification of consumption figures.

You will need log in details for your Department (a username and password) which can be obtained from the Environment and Energy Section.

Once you have logged in you will have access to energy use data on all the buildings in which your department has a presence. Simply follow these instructions:

Select the building you are interested in and then choose from the menu on the left hand side to look at either ‘Site Reports’ or ‘Data Sets’.

‘Site Reports’ include all three utilities (electricity, gas and water) while ‘Data Sets’ focus on just one of these.

Check that the ‘Data Mode’ is ‘Direct’. This means that it is based on measurements verified by Estate Management. The ‘Invoice mode’ is based on data from suppliers’ bills, which tend to be less accurate.

Please note that the kWh figures are measured as accurately as is practical, but the cost figures are only included for indicative purposes and do not relate to the Electricity Incentivisation Scheme.

Please also remember that the information displayed here is the total usage for each building and not just your Department’s share.

A full guide to using this facility is available


Workplace Footprint Tracker

Another online tool has been developed to provide greater visibility of energy use within individual departments at a more localised level and on a much more up to date basis.

The Workplace Footprint Tracker is a real-time, web-based energy dashboard which has now been implemented in the four buildings acting as pilots for the Energy and Carbon Reduction Project. The pages on the left hand menu show a live feed from the Dashboard to show patterns of energy use day by day and hour by hour in four department.