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View your department's energy use with Systems Link web reports

SystemsLink is the University’s energy management software and is primarily used by The Sustainability Team to validate invoices the University receives from its utility suppliers. SystemsLink is a database for all utilities, including electricity, gas and water among others.

In addition to invoice data, the software holds direct (manual) and Automated Meter Readings (AMR) data where available. SystemsLink can be used to query current usage, as well as providing a repository for historic data to enable investigation, targeting and verification.

To access the SystemsLink portal, you will need log in details for your department (a username and password) which can be obtained from the Sustainability Team. You can then visit the following link:

Once you have logged in you will have access to energy usage data on all the buildings in which your department has a presence. Please read through the starter guide linked below for an overview of what you can do with the portal, SystemsLink portal overview.

N.B. For those departments currently participating in the Electricity Devolution Programme (EDP), the cost data shown in the portal may not be representative of the amount charged. Please contact The Sustainability Team should you have any queries on this.

Why not sign up to one of our SystemsLink training sessions, these sessions are advertised on our Events page.