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What is ECRP?

The Energy and Carbon Reduction Project (ECRP) was established in 2011 to help achieve the aims and target of the University’s 2010 Carbon Management Plan. The Carbon Management Plan has now been replaced by the Carbon Reduction Strategy

What does ECRP do?

With an annual budget of £2m the ECRP funds projects that help to reduce energy use and carbon emissions across the University estate, through four main types of intervention:

  • Efficiency improvements to the fabric and fittings of existing buildings
  • Modifications or upgrades of energy-intensive equipment, including the Equipment Replacement Programme
  • Behavioural change initiatives aimed at University staff and students
  • Feasibility studies and other project work that supports delivery against the University’s carbon reduction targets

The ECRP has also funded a small number of renewable energy projects. 

Case Studies

Click the circles to view relevant case studies in each area:


Apply for funding

ECRP funding is available to support energy efficiency improvements and carbon reduction initiatives in existing University buildings. Initiatives that are eligible for ECRP funding include standard measures such as lighting upgrades and controls; improvements to heating and cooling systems and the controls of these systems; staff engagement and behavioural change programmes; and more innovative or bespoke solutions for specific pieces of research-related equipment.

Requests for ECRP funding are assessed against a number of criteria; which, depending on the exact nature of the proposed project, might include a measure of the project’s cost effectiveness.

If you have a project idea in mind, please email Environment & Energy with an enquiry here. The most appropriate team member for your request will be in touch to discuss further.

For recent information on the progress of the ECRP, please refer to our Annual Environmental Sustainability Report.

The ECRP is governed by the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee.