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The Carbon Reduction Fund (formerly known as the Energy and Carbon Reduction Project, ECRP) is a University budget that supports carbon reduction initiatives across the operational estate. Its primary purpose is to support delivery of the University’s Carbon Reduction Strategy.

The Fund can support measures to reduce carbon emissions across all scopes –  scopes 1, 2 and 3.
Projects that might be eligible for support from the Fund include:

  • Carbon reduction projects – scope 1 and 2. These are projects that will help to reduce the University’s energy use and/or develop renewable energy sources. 

  • Carbon reduction projects – scope 3. These include a combination of: investment in measures that support pro-environmental behavioural changes; partnership working; and efficiency measures (for example, to reduce water use). 

  • Engagement and behaviour change initiatives. For example, awareness campaigns aimed at staff and students and initiatives to improve data provision. 

  • Feasibility work. For example, feasibility studies, design work, and other work needed to identify potential measures and develop them into robust proposals that can be taken forward to implementation. 

The Fund is governed by the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee.

If you have an idea for reducing your department’s carbon emissions, you may be eligible to apply to the Carbon Reduction Fund. Requests for funding are assessed against a number of criteria which, depending on the exact nature of the proposed project, might include a measure of the project’s cost effectiveness.

The application form is available here and the guidance notes are available here.

For an informal discussion about your project idea, please email the Sustainability Team. The most appropriate team member for your request will be in touch to discuss further.