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In our 2020 Assessment of Options for Reducing the University's Use of Natural Gas it was recommended that the heating of the New Museums Site should move in future to a system of centralised heat pumps linked to a heat network. A study has now been completed that examines how this could be achieved within the constraints of a historic and densely built-up environment. 


The findings indicate that four 500kW air source heat pumps, coupled with a programme of fabric improvements, could meet around 85% of the site’s heating needs. Finding space for the heat pumps necessary to eventually meet 100% of peak demand is likely to be challenging however. Ground source heat pump capacity is very limited with perhaps 180kW available if boreholes were to be drilled in a courtyard area. This underlines the need to conserve heat through insulation, draught proofing and heat recovery systems wherever the opportunity arises (whilst being careful to minimise risk of moisture build up within building fabric).


The study will sit alongside the existing New Museums Site masterplan and should ensure future developments are coordinated with a clear strategy for eliminating carbon emissions from the site.


For further details of the New Museums site study, contact us