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Environment and Energy


Academic projects are student research projects carried out as part of their course, degree or research, for example final-year undergraduate dissertations, Masters projects and PhD research.

Any student-led research and projects aiming to improve the sustainability of the University could make use of the Living Lab for access to data, contacts, information, or funding* (subject to approval), in the areas of, for example:

  • carbon reduction and energy efficiency
  • sustainability in the built environment
  • biodiversity (urban or rural)
  • measurement of scope 3 carbon emissions related to procurement, waste, water or travel
  • behavioural analyses of building occupants
  • specific behavioural change programme and any other areas that you think might be relevant - just get in touch!

For academics and students who are interested in incorporating sustainability and practical examples into their courses and modules, the Living Lab may have access to data, contacts, information and funding, as well as the potential for use of your project on the University estate, contributing towards our environmental aims.

Please email to discuss your idea, or explore what options there might be for your project or course.

For inspiration please see previous project examples, and/or explore the table of potential future projects below (which you are welcome to take forwards, subject to your course requirements and further discussions with the Living Laboratory for Sustainability Coordinator).

Project ideas
Performance gap analysis of particular buildings
Assessments of metered data to understand where and how energy is being used within a building
Investigation of working hours, practices, cultures and occupant use of buildings for understanding use of space for optimisation
Assessment of PV solar panels in operation
Assessment of potential for PV solar panels on particular buildings
Investigation of links between productivity, wellbeing and environmental sustainability in particular working environments
Assessment of success of Green Impact across the University
Technologies for car parking infrastructure 


*If you would like to apply for funding, please download the form below and return via email.

Application for funding