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Environment and Energy


This year the Living Lab ran the Seed Award, which aimed to provide seed funding to student-run projects to be carried out on University grounds and/or buildings. In January 2014, we asked students to submit their ideas for project funding of up to £750.

Proposals needed to be able to reduce the University of Cambridge’s environmental impacts. Participants could submit any project idea within this, ranging from energy, carbon, waste or water efficiency to communciation and engagement ideas. The Living Lab received many creative Seed Award applications, ranging from proposals for smart metering systems to edible garden spaces.

The top proposals were selected and shortlisted participants were asked to present their proposals to the Living Lab Advisory Group of University students, academics and operational staff. Proposals were graded on their feasibility, impact, project management strength, level of student involvement, value for money, and degree of innovation.

Winners of the 2014 Seed Award

Two Project Proposals were selected as winners by the Living Lab Advisory Group and were funded through the Seed Award: congratulations to Philipp Braeuninger-Weimer and Dung Nguyen!

Philipp’s Proposal was for the One World Challenge. The One World Challenge is an online tool where participants form teams and, over a three-week period, take on challenges that encourage environmental awareness and action. Points are awarded for accomplished activities and teams can compare their success with other teams in the University as well as at other participating universities. For more information on the One World Challenge visit the website:

Dung’s Proposal was for Skills for Sustainability, run in partnership with the Cambridge Hub. This project will provide students with training and tools to execute their own projects at the University. Students will select their areas of interest and work through a training programme that will give them the skills to complete their own environmental sustainability projects.

We look forward to seeing these projects develop with the support of the Living Lab and help improve the sustainability of the estate. Be on the lookout for more from each of these projects in future as they progress!

Please contact the Living Laboratory Coordinator with all questions: